So Delicious & Fresh, you won't believe it was ever frozen!

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Highest Quality Ingredients
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Perfect Crispy Crust

Pi Pizza is a premium provider of delicious, wholesale frozen pizzas

About Us

A wholesale pizza that rivals all other frozen pizza on the market.  Pi Pizza is dedicated to bringing customers a pizza that is made with the highest ingredients for the best tasting food.  This savory pizza product ensures a happy, repeat customer. 

"Proud partner with Pizza Touch Vending Machine"

The U.S Pizza Market

-3 Billion pizzas are sold every year

-13% of Americans eat pizza every day

-$38 Billion in annual pizza sales in the U.S

-60% of all pizza sales occur within the U.S

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Our Story

Pi Pizza has been supplying restaurants with an innovative and exciting new experience of pizza enjoyment for years.

From our logo to the stylized artwork, Pi Pizza has unveiled a trending new model that appeals to a wide customer demographic.  

We take pride in our product by using only the highest quality ingredients.  Our pizza is so delicious we wanted to share it so people could enjoy them at home.  This is when we decided to produce a frozen version!


There is no denying the love for Pizza

Our Pizza

Pi Pizza takes pride in our recipes, utilizing the best ingredients available. We keep pizza costs low without sacrificing quality and taste!

It starts with our dough, our specialty sauce &

topped with our cheese!

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Pizza is Passion

-Pi Pizza is a Tuscan style pizza using a proprietary dough recipe, which when baked produces a crust that rivals a soft bread stick, to encourage the complete consumption of the crust!

-Our sauce is a special formulation of the highest quality sauce, paste & fresh ingredients

-The cheese is a milk fed mozzarella of the highest quality in the industry

Pepperoni Pizza

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Classic Cheese Pizza

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2 Distinct


Pi Pizza offers convenient ordering & delivery options.  

Place an order with Pi Pizza online or call our sales department for inquiries and orders. 

We ship across the US. Pi Pizza is available to Everyone!